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Allen Skydive - Allen Kentucky

Refund Policy

All skydiving purchases and services are non refundable. All purchases have an avalibility of a rescheduling period due to inclement weather.

Deposit Policy

Bookings made without paying, also known as Pay at Center, are scheduled to purchase a skydive the scheduled day of skydiving services and are required to hold the reservation with a $75 deposit. In the event the booking is cancelled within seven days of the jump, a $75 cancellation fee will be charged to the customer. Students who cancel and do not wish to be charged a cancellation charge must either cancel seven days prior to their scheduled jump or prepay for the jump.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final and non refundable. If a customer chooses to purchase their skydiving experience at the skydiving center, they must cancel at least seven days prior to the scheduled skydiving experience, or incur the cancellation fee of $75.

Rain Checks

Rain checks are issued to those people who have paid for a service and for some reason are not able to jump at the scheduled appointment time. Rain checks are not refundable, but are transferrable. Students must have their Rain Check to redeem their skydiving experience. All Pre purchased skydiving services including prepaid jumps and gift certificates, have a an avalibility of a rescheduling period due to inclement weather, from the time of purchase. In the event that a scheduled skydive is not possible, a rain check will be given.

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